Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preparing for the Worst and Hoping for the Best

Update: We evacuated Houston early Friday morning, before Ike came through. Thank you all for your thoughts and :vibes:! I will update with more information soon.

Hurricane Ike is now headed our way.
We're expecting it to make landfall by late Friday night to early Saturday morning.

We've decided to shelter in place and prepare our house for what could be some strong winds and possible loss of electricity. We are expecting our street to flood, but the water will most likely not get high enough to enter our house. We have all of our supplies ready, including lots of water and enough food for a few days. The "kids" also have enough food and water for awhile. We are mainly concerned about the amount of windows in our house and if they are secure and safe enough with potential 100 mph winds. We can't board up our windows from the outside, but we've duct taped our windows from the inside for any possible breakage.

Luckily, we have a lot of good canned food and Earthquake water left from when we lived in SoCal--if nothing else it will be good showering water! We're hoping it doesn't come to that though. :)


Sara said...

Hurricanes are scary. Please keep us posted and stay safe.

Steenie said...

GL Christy! I will be thinking about you!

Azull said...

Yikes, good luck out there. I will definitely be thinking about you guys. Keep us updated.

April Ziegler said...

Hope all is well w/ you!