Friday, January 4, 2008

Shabu-Shabu for New Year's Eve!

D & I FINALLY found a Japanese market in Houston (Nippon Daido). WOOHOO!
While living in Newport Beach (Orange County) we would frequent the Mitsuwa Marketplace. Our market is not nearly as big as the one in Cali., but it will do for now. We were able to find a few items D needed and the meat to make Shabu-Shabu so we decided that we would ring in the New Year with one of our favorite meals! We first experienced Shabu-Shabu at a restaurant in Pasadena called The Boiling Pot. It is so yummy!

Our Shabu pot with a piece of Nori inside--ready to boil.

Chili Oil and some other hot spices we use for our Shabu Ponzu dipping sauce

The thinly-sliced ribeye meat--YUM!

Napa Cabbage

Green Onion, Shitake Mushrooms & Carrots

All ready to start!

Quick snapshot before we dig in!

We throw some veggies in first
(carrots always take a little while to become tender)

I place my slice of meat in--and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes.

Dip meat into sauce, then place it
(along with some veg) in a bowl of rice.
Eat and Enjoy!

The next day we enjoyed a delicious Baked Brunch French Toast!
We got the recipe from a fellow "knottie". Thanks Lisa!


Amanda said...

I'm always to totally impressed with all your cooking skills!

April & Kevin said...

Looks delish! I'd love to be able to cook up something exotic like that... but my cooking skills are quite limited! =)